On the 9th May 2017, Brentford Football Club launched a new badge. It marked the perfect opportunity to refresh the club's video brand and switch to UHD. 
I developed a bespoke UHD graphics package using the club's brand guidelines for guidance, while also leveraging the ability of creating Motion Graphics Templates in Adobe After Effects CC. These templates have been shared to the whole video team via an Adobe Creative Cloud Library to use in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. CC Libraries makes it easy to push updates to any template in the graphics package, allowing the video team to have the latest video graphics package.
The Intro Motion Graphics Template has three graphic styles which can be toggled in the Essential Graphics panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. These three graphic style options can display just the badge itself, or the badge and heading or the badge, heading and sub-heading.
The Sky Bet Championship Match Intro Motion Graphics Template enables the changing of the home and away team badges with ease using just a slider and easily accessible text fields to update the match details in the Essentials Graphics panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
The Lower Third Motion Graphics Template enables easily accessible text fields to update the heading, sub-heading and an additional sub-heading. The sub-heading and additional sub-heading can be enabled/disabled with ease to allow full flexibility for any scenario.
3D Badge transition
The Outro for videos on the premium video content service - iFollow Brentford. The Motion Graphics Template enables the copyright year to automatically match the current year set on the editor's computer.
Video Thumbnail template design
Christmas themed version of the Intro Motion Graphics Template.

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